Neurotoxin Injectables

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Neurotoxin Injectables smooth facial lines and wrinkles

Our facial muscles exist under the facial skin. As a result of recurrent muscle contractions during facial expressions, the skin moves and creates creases.

As we age, the skin thins, and its elasticity diminishes; therefore, lines start to form and get deeper and deeper when time goes on.

Botox relaxes facial muscles. As a result, it smooths lines and wrinkles. It also softens forehead, Crow’s feet, frown areas, and around lips, and lifts brows.

This treatment also can be used as a prevention in younger-age adults.

Atossa Medical Spa provides all lines of Neurotoxin Injectables available in the field of Aesthetic Medicine.

Botox is the first and most well-known Neurotoxin in the world. For a given amount of injection, it is more effective than its counterparts; however, it is more expensive (per unit).

Dysport is another Neurotoxin similar to Botox but with slightly quicker onset. It also spreads to a wider area. Dysport is less expensive "per unit" compared to Botox; however, more injection units are required.

Xeomin is another popular Neurotoxin. The chance of developing resistance (antibody formation) after injection is less compared to Botox and Dysport. The number of Xeomin units required is slightly higher than Botox; however, it is less expensive.

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